From Butterflies to Dinosaurs!

Our Spring Break came late this year so we just finished up having some much needed family adventures. We are lucky to live in an area that gives us lots of opportunities for day trips where within a few hours we can be in several different cities. I thought I’d share two of the adventures that are fun places to check out with the kids.

The first road trip was to Cincinnati’s Krohn Conservatory to check out their “Butterflies of Ecuador” exhibit. For a small fee, guests get to go into the exhibit and see the butterflies in free flight. They have over 12,000 total in the exhibit. Guests are given small cards with a scent that attracts the butterflies, kids of all ages enjoy trying to get one to land on their card (or on them). There are also tons of beautiful plants and flowers to see so if you go, take the time and stroll through the rest of the building, you won’t be disappointed. This was a lot of fun and a nice easy way to start off our week. If you are interested in seeing the butterflies, Krohn Conservatory has this exhibit open until June 16, 2019.

The next part of our road trip took us to Indianapolis to visit the Indianapolis Children’s Museum which is one of our favorite places to go. This museum is 5 stories of interaction, fun and education. There is something there for kids of all ages and they change out some of the exhibits so there is often new things to see. One of our favorite places is the lower level where the dinosaurs are located. From “Bucky the Teenage T Rex” to “Leonardo: the mummified dinosaur” there is so much to see and learn. They have interactive stations for little kids up to big kids and there are always workers there to show you what they are working on behind the scenes and answer questions. If your kid is a dinosaur lover this is definitely a place they will want to visit! They also have areas that focus on kids in history, stories from our community, space, science, archaeology and currently “Paw Patrol” for younger kids and “American Pop” for the older kids to explore pop culture through the years… kiddo was mortified that I was excited that they had a New Kids on the Block poster on display, who says mom’s have to grow up, right?. New this year is the “Sports Experience” which has multiple sports and activities for the kids to play (we didn’t to do this part because we ran out of time). If Indianapolis isn’t too far from you, I would highly recommend taking your kids. Give yourself plenty of time to explore and play, this is easily a place where you could spend the whole day.

This clock in the main area of the museum runs off of water, it is one of the coolest clocks we have seen.

Whatever your ideal way to spend time with your family is, remember to be in the moment and enjoy spending time together. Summer is coming fast and I’ll need some family friendly places to check out so we don’t all go stir crazy. Leave a comment of your favorite family friendly places to explore.

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