Motivation Monday (aka…I need some motivation)

So it’s Monday and even though I don’t go into a place of employment anymore I still feel like I have the Monday Blues….how is that even possible?! Maybe it’s because I’m trying to start up two businesses from my home and my house is a mess while I work on them. Maybe it’s because my office/work space is in utter chaos until I get things better organized. Maybe it’s because it’s a chilly, rainy Monday and I’m wishing it was warm and sunny or it could be because I’m raising a mini me and now I totally understand the attitude my parents claim I threw every morning as they would try to get me out the door for school (sorry mom and dad).

When I get in these moods I sometimes sit and think “What would Walt do?” Walt Disney is one of the people that I admire because he was a dreamer. He wasn’t afraid to think outside the box and try new things. Even when he failed, he dug in deeper and tried again. Because of his tenacity he made a huge impact in the world of animation; although my mini me is quick to point out that there were several others who also made a big impact such as Max Fleischer who is her favorite animator. Walt Disney showed that as an adult it was okay to dream and still enjoy having fun. He has inspired me to follow my dreams by leaving my career and trying something I had always dream of doing, even though every day is a new challenge . I knew that there would be times I fail to hit a goal I set for myself or I wouldn’t get a sale I worked so hard for but not to give up. Failure is a part of success. I also learned that from my dad being self employed for over 50 years. Hard work and a little creativity can go a long way.

I realize that Walt Disney built an empire that changed not only animation and film but theme parks and that my home based craft business and travel business will not change the world like he may have, but it will change my world and my family’s world. Even on days where I struggle to create, or have too many ideas in my head that I can’t seem to focus on just one, I am blessed. I get to do what I love, I can make business decisions that I think are the right ones for my business and run it in a way that makes me proud.

Whatever your challenges are today, take a deep breath, focus on one issue at a time and dive it. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and hustle, the work is hard but the reward is sweet.Have a great Monday everyone!

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