Pixie Dust and Mermaid Boutique

Snowy Sunday Day Dreams

Well I’m not sure about you but we received well over 6 inches of snow today which had me thinking of warmer weather and doing a little ‘Disney Dreamin’. While my hubby shoveled show and my kiddo went sled ridding, I stayed in the nice warm house working on my upcoming mother-daughter trip to Disney World next month. I am very blessed to have a great mom who loves to have fun but we are always running around with everyone else and we have never done a mother – daughter trip. Since I am also a Disney Vacation Planner, part of my expectation is to travel to a Disney property at least once a year and I am a few months past that year mark so I was itching to go, who better to take with me than my mom! .

Of course the Disney planning got me thinking about Magic Bands, Resort Mugs and yep, custom shirts (I mean can I seriously travel without making myself a new shirt…no, no I can’t). One thing that drives me nuts is when you stay at a Disney resort you can get a refillable mug for your stay and there is always a limited variety of colors so it never fails that at least 2 of us have the same color and then I get to hear “that’s my mug”, “no, it’s mine”….ugh. This time around I came up with a little initialed decal to place on the lid. Then I thought, why stop there when I can decorate my Magic Band with the Hitchhiking Ghosts from Haunted Mansion (one of my absolute favorite rides). Of course I had to get started on shirt ideas because I get to travel in a few short weeks and I decided on Snow White. I love how all of my items came out. If you are interested in any of these, please visit my Etsy page to purchase them and follow me on Facebook to see any new ideas plus vendor shows you can find me at.


Stay warm everyone and I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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