New Year and back to the routine

Today I officially get back into the swing of things. The kiddo went back to school…and in true back to school fashion, I slept through my alarm and we had 10 mins to get dressed and leave the house..oops (thank God for school uniforms)! Let’s just say the pre-pre-teen was NOT happy with me lol.

I have several Disney travel quotes to work on today for potential clients and I’m getting ready for some spring craft shows. This is new territory for me, I’ve never been much for spring time decorations so we’ll see how creative I can get. Drop me a message with some ideas for Valentines Day and/or Spring, I love to see what interests people! I do custom shirts also and got a new heat press for Christmas so I’m super excited to try that out. I’ll share some creations soon from that adventure.

Just so everyone knows, there are perils with working from home….for instance, our cat attacked my feet and didn’t want to let me out of the basement this morning. I guess doing laundry can be dangerous! 😉

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